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Want to tap into the passion, creativity and energy of your workforce and become a "Best Place to Work" in your community that attracts and retains top talent?  Then we really ought to talk.  We have the expertise, tools and best practices to improve your employer brand, boost employee engagement and help you create a high-performance culture that beats the competition.   Please call us to get acquainted and describe your employee engagement and leadership-training needs (608-833-9446).

We Bring Clarity to the Blurry Topic of Employee Engagement

For most people, employee engagement is a confusing, ill-defined concept. We understand it better than most because it's our focus and passion.  We are employee-engagement specialists who have invented an entirely new way to think about employee engagement that is simple, straightforward and logical.  Our approach is being used by major corporations worldwide to get the best from their people.

Would you rather work with a consultant who merely studied employee engagement, or a pioneering company that wrote the book on it.  The deeper you look, the more you will appreciate our approach because it has substance and science behind it.

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A User's Guide for Human Beings

Our methodology is based on Paul Herr's critically acclaimed book, "Primal Management: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Nature to Drive High Performance," that was published by the American Management Association in 2009.  You can download sample chapters of Paul's book at

  • Chapters 1 describes Paul Herr's original theory of human motivation,
  • Chapter 2 describes a simple survey based on the theory to measure employee engagement, and 
  • Chapters 4-8 contain practical leadership tips for pressing the motivational hot-buttons to drive high performance. 

You can think of Primal Management as Paul's attempt to create something we desperately need; a user's guide for human beings. 


Great Value for Your Money

Before you spend megabucks on one of the big consulting firms, please send us a request for proposal (RFP).  We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in leadership and employee engagement.  We believe we have developed the simplest, most logical, most scientifically-advanced approach to employee engagement on the market.  Your due-diligence process is not complete until you've examined our revolutionary approach. 

Give us a call to get  acquainted and describe your human performance needs (608-833-9446).